Q: Can I pick up pretzels today and serve them tomorrow?
A: Yes, but only if you put pretzels in the freezer immediately and then re-heat them when serving. If you plan to do this make sure you let us know so we can put salt on the side!

Q: Why are my pretzels wet? 
A: Pretzels "sweat" when the salt is applied and there is a lot of humidity in the air. 

Q: Do you make pretzel rolls?
A: Yes we do, we sell them for the same price as our regular pretzels. They are true PRETZEL rolls nothing light and airy about them. Please call to order.

Q: How much notice do you need to order a platter?
A: In most cases, we only need about a half hour notice. However, if you are ordering for a holiday please let us know a day or two in advance.

Q: Do you deliver/ship?
A: Yes, we DO deliver locally. But we are NOT Domino's Pizzeria! Please see our delivery/shipping section for more details.

Q: Are your products cooked with peanut oil?
A: No, our bakery is a NUT FREE facility.

Q: Do your pretzels contain milk?
A: No, our pretzels do not contain milk, eggs, or dairy.

Q: Are you Kosher?
A: Unfortunately, we are not; however, there is nothing in our recipe that is not kosher.

Q: Do you make gluten free or whole wheat pretzels?
A: No.

Q: Is the Pretzel Cart available for private parties?
A: Yes, call and check for pricing and availability.

Q: Do you do birthday parties?
A. Yes, in our new much larger location we now host tours, birthday parties, and corporate gatherings.

Any other questions? Give us a call at 516-543-5050.