Schools, Charities, and Non-Profit Organizations: Let's Fund-raise with a TWIST and make some DOUGH!

Call today or stop in for more Information and Details!
Philly Style Loose
Order Individual Mini Pretzels for $.60 each 
Dozen (12) Large for $10.00 ($.83 each) 
A little more difficult to sell because you have to manage waste and guess how many 
pretzels you can sell.
Wrapped 3-PACKS 
Pre-order and collect money ahead of time like any other fundraiser and maximize your profit without having to manage your waste.

This option can be done on regular basis 
(ie. first Friday of the month, etc.)
Three (3) for $2.50 /  Six (6) for $5.00
Our Pretzels are "Real Pretzels" not "Pragels". We hand twist and bake daily in our NUT FREE Bakery. They contain NO preservatives so treat them like you would a fresh bagel. HEAT & CONSUME IMMEDIATELY or FREEZE them to be enjoyed at another time.

Our pretzels are "Real Pretzels" not "Pragels" and they are freshly made, twisted, and baked in our NUT FREE Oceanside Bakery daily. Call or stop in today to schedule your next fundraiser. 

We guarantee it will be